Over the last 25 years at Limelight Sports we’ve created thousands of experiences for what we call the ‘Active World’ // Physical activity for anyone, with purpose. 

We’re passionate about creating innovative ideas and experiences that motivate people to get active (or more active)! We design our campaigns to inspire consumers during their journey and look to constantly push the boundaries to bring new ideas and creativity to the sector.

Naturally, we’re slightly obsessive about participating in active experiences too! Whether it’s getting together every first Wednesday for our monthly ‘#WeAllMove’ activity (something that the our team came up with!) or taking part with our friends and families in our own time, we are all citizens of the Active World.

There are also so many great things happening across the globe and our team are encouraged (and incentivised!) to go and take part in active experiences.

With Limelight Loves we want to share what we believe are the very best active experiences in the world. The criteria is tough! We are talking about the BEST! The best customer experiences, the most innovative ideas, the original pioneering events, the best use of technology etc.

All of the experiences are either ones that we have taken part in or ones that are on our ‘bucket list’. In the next few months some friends of Limelight will also be adding their favourites to the list. We would love to hear any recommendations that you have for the BEST active experiences in the world! 

Craig Dews

CEO, Limelight Sports Group